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Positive Inkers - Treat Packaging and Matching Tag...


Good afternoon and welcome to the Positive Inkers November Blog Hop.  How can it be November already, I think I may have been asleep for a few months!

Today we have created some treat packaging with a matching tag.  I love creating packaging, it is probably my favourite part of crafting.  There is something magical about creating a 3d project from a flat piece of card.

I have made a cute little treat box which holds four chocolates.  The top and bottom of the box are made with grey board so it is really sturdy.  You could of course use it for a small gift, it doesn't have to be chocolate - hang on what am I saying!!!!!

I kept the top of the box really simple and let the DSP and that beautiful Soft Succulent ribbon do all the talking.  The ribbon is held in place under the box so the bottom remains nice and flat and the ribbon doesn't slip off.

I think I may use this little box for table favours on the Christmas table this year as the doggies don't like the bangs from crackers.

I then made some really quick tags to use up the scraps from the box and here they are together.

I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has made today and you can follow the hop by clicking on the names below.

Happy Stampin'


Sandy McCullough - Canada
Maheswair Rajaguru - Australia 
Elly Rijnvis – Netherlands
Anne Marie Hile – USA
Jo Blackman – UK


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