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September monthly class....

Hi ladies

As promised, September class photos can be found below, another fun day was had by all.

This little notepad cover held a shopping list pad, nice little stocking filler pressie for somebody?!

This is using the resist technique.

The brick wall technique, always useful!

This is probably my favourite and the most simplest, it is as close as I get to a sympathy card but could easily be adapted for a birthday/wedding etc.

Hope you enjoy the piccies and I look forward to welcoming those of you booked on to future classes.

Please scroll down for some holiday snaps I want to share with you.


Holiday delights....

As promised, I will post last weekend's class photos here in a moment just wanted to share a couple of photos from my holiday. If you click on them you will get a bigger image so you can see them better.....

How nice is that!! This is only one reason I love the Broads so much!

This one's for Julia, does it bring back memories??

Not the most attractive I know but I just love macro photography and this dragonfly played ball with me for ages whilst I took lots of snaps!

Ah bless, there were loads of signets around this year, I have to have a daily session of feeding!! 

Another session with my macro lense, not perfect but I was reasonably pleased with the result and shall keep practising.

Next year's boat!  Yes we said we would not go next year but three days into holiday and we had already booked a long weekend, well it is for our anniversary!

I just adore this house, it always looks immaculate no matter what time of year it is, oh a girl can dream!

August Crafty Club and September Sneak Peaks

Hi ladies

Long time no speak, or it feels that way at least.  Have just got back from a fabulous two weeks on the Norfolk Broads, the weather was not too bad considering with only one wet day and one very windy day the rest was mainly sunshine and very little rain.  A lot of relaxing was gratefully received I can tell you, I am covered in bruises following various accidents over the last two weeks which is the norm on the broads and created a few laughs in the process!

I did spend some quality crafting time whilst away too which was nice prepping for the September class and getting stuff organised for the Christmas event.  Still loads to do as you can imagine but I am making inroads at least I think I am!

In my haste to get away I didn't get an opportunity to post the August class piccies so attach a few below for you.

I am gonna have a busy week, back to work tomorrow, back to college Thursday and September club Saturday not to mention prepping the new catalogue launch goodies, watch this space!!!  In the meantime, September class sneaks below.