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Sneak Peak and News...

Organised, a word that does not describe me particularly well at the moment!!  I do try but there are just never enough hours in the day and I am forever chasing ones tail, hence why my blogging is so poor, I always apologise for this and I really do mean it because it is something I would like to use more to share some of my crafting moments!  So once again I will try!!

Easter came and went.  I was so looking forward to four days off work with some crafting built in for good measure but best made plans, I managed to fall over on Good Friday (no I was not drunk!) and sprained my ankle quite bad.  Frozen peas later my ankle resembled a tennis ball and it is only now getting back to normal albeit a bit black and blue.  I am telling you this because as it turned out, as I could not do a lot else, I got a bit more crafting in than I anticipated!!

Now for some news, 1st May sees a brand new Summer Mini Catalogue with some gorgeous goodies in it, I have managed to get my hands on a few new bits and boy you are gonna love them but you are just gonna have to wait!!!  Tehehehehe aren't I cruel!  Suffice to say I NEED the whole catalogue but a little at a time I guess.

Now for a sneak peak for Saturday, think you are gonna like it....

Plans are coming along nicely for the 6 May, I am so looking forward to that day and may even post a few sneak peaks to wet your appetite, watch this space!

Anyhow, have a good week.



Hi ladies

I have just been sorting my photos out, a long overdue job but like everything else one that doesn't get done half as often as it should!!!

Anyway whilst going through came across some pictures of the tins recently made so thought I would post a piccie for you.