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Shopping List Notebook Cover...

Good morning all, thank you for dropping by today.  I hope everybody is keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times we find ourselves in.  I still cannot believe what is happening, it is so very sad but it is also fantastic to see the way everybody is pulling together in these troubled times.

I am isolating at home as ordered by our Government, only venturing out to walk the dogs and essential supplies if and when required.

A couple of weeks ago one of my lovely ladies presented me with her folder of all the instructions I have created over many years at classes she has attended.

As I have some downtime and no classes to prep for, I have decided to recreate some of these projects (with some little tweaks!) and share them with you all to get you inspired to create some projects of your own.  I will share as many as I can with you over the coming weeks/months, however long it takes to get back to some kind of normality.

I am starting today with a little Shopping List Notebook Cover.  I think this must have been one of the very earliest projects I made with my ladies as it used the stamp set which formed part of my Starter Kit (we didn't get too much choice back in those days).  I had to smile as I called it 'Shoppers Delight' when in fact it would be a delight to have the luxury of writing a shopping list when we are struggling to get the basics in some parts of the Country given the current situation!  There were no photographs, other than the finished project, and goodness me did I gabble lol!

The shopping list pads can be bought in many high street shops (when they reopen) or on the internet and tend to be of a fairly standard size.  You can still make the covers and insert the notepads as and when they are available.  They also make great little projects for craft fairs or gifts.

You will be pleased to hear I have rewritten the instructions for this project, with photographs, and they can be found in the Tutorial Section of my blog here.

Keep safe everybody and I will see you soon with some more projects.


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