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The Craft Room...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been working on lots of things, that includes the usual classes and 'projects' that I always seem to set myself but last week we embarked on a mammoth 'project'!

When my hubby and I moved to Norfolk about two and a half years ago, a criteria for the move was space to have a craft room, important right?!  Well, when we viewed our home, a large space had been built into the loft space of the house which was just perfect, complete with en suite!!

We agreed that we would share the space, a study/craft room.  This has worked well but gradually over time both of us have accumulated more 'stuff' and the space has gradually closed in on us. 

At the beginning of last week we started to discuss the possibility of hubby moving his study into one of the spare bedrooms as it hardly ever gets used, only one problem it was pink.  So, come the weekend and it is now painted and hubby has moved in!  We really don't hang around once we make our mind up.

Now comes the task of the craft room and trust me, it is a mammoth one!  Here is the room after hubby moved out.  I donated a few of my storage units to the study hence why my desk is a mile high in stuff.


I will be posting updates as the project progresses but here is the plan for the back wall!  IKEA here we come!  Oh and the blue blob is the paint colour I have chosen.

Check back soon for progress!


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  1. looking good thank you for sharing have a blessed day