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Convention - Part 2

Hi all

As promised, I am returning today with the next instalment from the Stampin' Up! Annual Convention in Brussels.

I promised to show you pictures of the gifts I made for the team, I only have two of the mini scrapbooks I made at present as I stupidly forgot to photograph them before packing!

Here is Laura's.

And here is Tracy's.

Another big part of convention is 'swaps'.  This is where we all make a little something to swap with other attendees, this can be a card or 3d item.  It is one of my favourite parts as you get to see everybody's creativity come to life and it sparks no end of ideas.
I made 100 of these lovelies however I must confess I had kinda fallen out of love with them by the end of making them!  Each one contained a little chocolate treat.

Thankfully they all arrived in one piece.

Here is a picture of all the swaps together. 

I cannot begin to go through every one so I will share with you my 'teamies' creations and tomorrow I will share a few of my other favourites.

Tracy made a card.

Laura made a little 3d box/pouch with a little choccy inside, I love these colours.

Tracy made a little cracker/namecard for the Christmas table.

And Sandra a card topper.
I hope you enjoyed our swaps, see you tomorrow.


  1. I'll turn you into a Bookbinder yet Jo! ;-)
    Your interscrew binders look fab! xx

    1. Lol I couldn't have done them without your assistance in the cutting, saved me an age!!